We are committed to helping students find their way back to God.

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Countdown to Friday Night

Whether you have a high-energy Jr High student or an independent High School student, our Friday night program for your young person has a great balance of fun, games with friends along with a healthy dose of music worship and biblical teaching. We can't wait to meet you. 


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Oct 18 - Change Conference

At PORTICO, we believe every student is on a journey...

Our Core Values are found in 3 words - CONNECT. GROW.SERVE. Connecting to Christ and His Family. Growing in Christ-likeness. Serving Christ's Mission in the world. Each of these values helps our students know that they are not alone, and their lives have meaning. This is the practical way we are committed to helping students find their way back to God. 

Students@PORTICO by Campus

Youth:Grades 6-12

Brampton Campus

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Sunday Mornings

Youth:Grades 6-12

Milton Campus

 Friday Nights 

Jr Youth:Grades 6-8

Mississauga Campus

__Wednesday Nights & Sunday Mornings

Sr Youth:Grades 9-12

Mississauga Campus

 Friday Nights 

About our Campuses

PORTICO Brampton

Thursday nights - The Fennelly Residence 79 Wellington St E. Brampton ON 


Friday Nights - Milton Christian School, 45 Bruce St, Milton, ON

PORTICO Mississauga

Wednesday & Friday Nights - 1814 Barbertown Rd. Mississauga, ON 

Our PORTICO Students Leadership Team

We are One Church. One Message. Many Expressions. Each youth program by campus is a unique expression of that campus. The same love and care from our team and our ministry partners are a cornerstone to Student ministry at any PORTICO campus.

Pastor Ben Counsell PORTICOStudent Director

Our services combine vibrant, contemporary worship with teaching from God’s Word. We work hard to make our times together impactful. We join with PORTICO Students at the Mississauga campus for major events and the occasional worship service. 

At PORTICO, we believe that students can learn the essential elements of following Jesus. The Gospel is relevant to their everyday life, no matter what they might face. With a team of ministry partners, we help students in their journey to connect, grow and serve.

Jesse Kataha

1814 Barbertown Road, Mississauga, ON L5M 2M5 | 905.826.9612 | connect@porticocanada.ca | porticocanada.ca

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