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PORTICO's Bylaws provide for membership in the church to those persons who:

  • profess faith in Jesus Christ as their Saviour and Lord;
  • have been baptized by immersion;
  • have evidenced agreement with the Statement of Faith in writing;
  • have committed themselves in writing to live in obedience to Scripture and are willing to be subject to the authority of the church as expressed in the church constitution; and
  • have been admitted into membership in accordance with the church constitution. 

A member shall have the following privileges, rights and duties:

  • the privilege to attend all public worship services of the church subject to section 12.16 of the bylaws;
  • the privilege to participate in the ordinance administered by the church;
  • the duty to minister to one another's spiritual needs as part of the body of Christ;
  • the right to serve in positions of church leadership, including the office of elder and ministry staff, provided all criteria for each office and position are met;
  • the duty to respect and submit to the spiritual authority and procedures of the church as expressed in the church constitution;
  • the duty to attend and the right to speak and participate at all meetings of members;
  • the duty to confirm the member's continued status as a member at least every three years; and
  • the right to a single vote in person at any meeting of members.

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